Cursos, Seminários e Posters

Minicourses (3 lectures each)

  • Daniel T. Vanzella USP-São CarlosTopics in Curved Spacetime Field Theories 
  • Fabio Ferrari Ruffino Universidade Federal de São Carlos Introduction to differential cohomology
  • Jorge Zanelli Centro de Estudios Científicos de Santiago Characteristic Classes and Chern-Simons Forms
  • José-Luis Jaramillo Université de Bourgogne Geometric and spectral aspects of marginally trapped tubes in black hole spacetimes
  • Oscar Reula Universidad Nacional de Córdoba New advances in the theory of hyperbolic systems with constraints

Advanced seminars (30 minutes each)

  • Arsen Melikyan UnB Algebro-geometric methods and Baker-Akhiezer functions in integrable systems
  • Dmitry Vassilevich UFABC Parity anomaly in even dimensions
  • Hans-Christian Herbig UFRJ Moment map phenomenology
  • Nelson Pinto-Neto CBPF Bouncing Models with Dark Energy

Short seminars (15 minutes each)

  • (mbrum) Marcos Carvalho Brum de Oliveira USP Wavepackets on de Sitter spacetime: first step towards a Haag-Ruelle scattering theory
  • (fulviosbisa) Fulvio Sbisa UFES Junction conditions for Cascading branes
  • (fsmirnov94) Fedor Smirnov S.Petersburg SU Square root of matrices in bimetric theory of gravity


  • Cesar Augusto Ipanaque USP Zapata Spatial motions of k rigid bodies without collisions using Topological complexity

  • Etevaldo dos Santos Costa Filho, Gabriel Luchini UFES Dinâmica de spin no modelo de Heisenberg anisotrópico

  • Julio Fabris, Olesya Galkina Vieira UFES Particle creation in expanding universe

  • Messias de Brito Cruz UF Paraíba Casimir effects in Lorentz-violating scalar field theory

  • Samuel Rocha de Oliveira Unicamp On stationary axis symmetric equations in Eddington-inspired Born-Infeld gravitational theory

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